Annette Miller, community development manager

Posted on April 24, 2013


Madison is the place where Annette Miller “learned how to be a grownup.”

Miller moved from the Twin Cities in 1988 to attend UW-Madison. Since graduating in 1992, she’s worked for the state, as an aide to former Mayor Dave Cieslewicz and now for Madison Gas & Electric. She’s also raising three kids here with her husband.

“I’ve been fortunate,” says Miller, 44. “I’ve had great employment opportunities, and my kids have thrived here.”

Her job for the mayor, as a liaison to neighborhoods, helped Miller get to know the city up close. “It was my job to take the pulse of what was going on,” she says.

One of Miller’s best experiences was working with the Allied Drive neighborhood, addressing problems relating to crime, poverty and development.

“I enjoyed that because there’s a perception that low-income neighborhoods are dangerous and the people who live in those neighborhoods don’t care,” she says. “Even being a person of color myself, I think I had some of those thoughts.”

She learned, however, that “there were a lot of people who cared, and they were really just looking for support.”

Miller’s work at MG&E is an offshoot of her work for the city. Her job is to reach out to minority groups, non-English speakers, seniors and low-income individuals.

“I came to MG&E to figure out how we can serve those customer groups,” she says. “My question is, do they know about energy, do they know about the environment, do they know how to manage their bills?”

–Joe Tarr