Meghan Randolph, executive director, Music Theatre of Madison

Posted on April 24, 2013


Meghan Randolph has learned a lot from being a cat. A character in the Broadway smash Cats, that is.

“I hated doing the same show over and over and over,” says Randolph, 30, who was part of the show’s North American tour from 2004-05. “It began to feel like a chore, and that kind of broke my heart.”

But the experience wasn’t all negative. It helped her decide what she did want to do for a career.

“I started to realize I was more interested in creating opportunities for other people than battling thousands of actors for jobs in New York, only to get the job and end up dissatisfied creatively,” she says.

Before long, Randolph packed her bags and moved to Wisconsin, where she founded Music Theatre of Madison, a troupe that aims to present musicals local actors and audiences probably haven’t experienced. Though MTM’s productions can be dark and challenging, Randolph makes a point of finding the humor that lies beneath the surface.

“We love subject matter you wouldn’t immediately think of for a musical because the boundaries for what is acceptable are changing,” Randolph says. “When written and performed well, a great musical can be more than just entertaining. It can motivate people to learn.”

— Jessica Steinhoff